I Believe in America (Collison For Congress Campaign)

My name is Dan Collison and you may be wondering why I am running for Congress: I believe in America. More than that, I believe in Americans: that if they are given the whole story, they will do the right thing; that if they know the stakes, they will make the necessary sacrifices; that if they are given a clear challenge, they will rise to the occasion. I also believe we find ourselves in dark times: we have allowed expediency to over-rule wisdom, personal preferences to overshadow the common good and convenience to displace sound fundamentals. The time to act is now; will you help me reclaim the honor, opportunity and security of our American adventure?. 

Collison For Congress north carolina 6th district

Collison For Congress campaign

Candidate Dan Collison

North Carolina's 6th District

Dan Collison

"Unstable priorities, financial chaos & an identity crisis: we need to get Back To Basics."